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30 January 2012

24 January 2012


  • Citizen Now is the next phase of a very important project.

    Between August 2010 and March 2011, a working group of some 50 citizens engaged a geographically diverse national sample of nearly 2,000 fellow citizens in a conversation about their visions for a democracy movement for the United States.

    The result was a series of draft Guiding Statements – statements of Core Ideals, Purpose and Public Goals – designed to anchor such
    a movement, by helping We-the-People-oriented organizations, communities and coalitions to bring citizens together under
    a shared vision.

    You can learn more about
    the founding history of
    this project here.

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    In January 2012, the draft Statements were completed and published under a non-commercial Creative Commons license.

    Groups who wish to use the Statements to grow a U.S. democracy movement are invited to adopt, or adapt, any or all of the originally published Statements, so long as they attribute the Statements using the Creative Commons protocol.

    A pdf of the Statements is
    available here.


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    For the January 2012 Statements, the correct citation for attribution is:

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    Except for the January 2012 Statements, and unless otherwise noted, this site
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    Open-source visioning for a U.S. democracy movement